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Frequently Asked Questions

What is farm debt mediation in NSW?

About Farm Debt Mediation in NSW. 'Farm Debt Mediation' is a structured negotiation process in which the mediator, as a neutral and independent person, assists the farmer and the creditor to communicate effectively, to resolve matters relating to farm debts, and to formalise that resolution in an agreement.

What can credit mediation services do for You?

Thanks so much for all your help, your debt negotiators did a sterling job" "Credit Mediation Services is a value add to those people I come across who are going through financial hardship, and by reducing their credit card debt to a more manageable level, my clients have been able to get out of the increasing debt cycle they were in.

Who are we debt negotiation company?

We are the oldest and most experienced debt negotiation company in Australia, our mission is to deliver the best possible savings outcome for you. Find Out How We Can Help! We offer our debt consultation services Australia-wide. Looking for assistance with debt negotiation and debt solutions? We can help! HOW DO WE WORK WITH YOU?

What can a commercial debt negotiator do for You?

You have access to a group of debt negotiators and business debt consultants with 60 years of combined experience working with commercial lenders. Negotiating your commercial loans may be a better outcome compared to insolvency or bankruptcy. We can negotiate a partial debt waiver of up to 90% of your debts

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