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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are De Bortoli Wines?

De Bortoli Wines is a third generation family wine company established by Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in 1928. The couple emigrated to Australia from Northern Italy, from mountain villages at the foothills of the Italian Alps, near the historic town of Asolo.

Who is Vittorio De Bortoli?

In 1928, Vittorio De Bortoli, newly arrived from Italy, bought a small farm in the Riverina. He took the opportunity of the excess grapes from his neighbours, and made them into wine. Those same neighbours bought his wine, and so began De Bortoli Wines.

Who is Deen De Bortoli?

Deen De Bortoli (born 1936) was the chairman of De Bortoli Wines Pty Limited. He was born in 1936, and at age 15 he left school to help Vittorio and Giuseppina, his parents run the family business. He married Emeri De Bortoli in 1958, and lived in Bilbul, New South Wales, his whole life. They had four children who all work for the company today.

What is De Bortoli's organic range?

De Bortoli's Organic range is handcrafted and has met the Australian Certified Organic standards. Our philosophy is that great wines begin in the vineyard and each grape that was picked to make the wines is instrumental for the variety purity.

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