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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Darrell Lea?

Darrell Lea store at the corner of King and George streets Sydney Darrell Lea was in the ownership of the Lea family from its foundation by Harry Lea until the early 2010s.

Is Darrell Lea's legacy still alive?

It did have its ups and downs, yet one thing is quite certain – the legacy that Darrell Lea worked and fought so hard for still remains today, with the many chocolate products that he and his family had created still in production (and, of course, still having a major demand among consumers!). Moving Forward with a New Darrell Lea Factory

Is Darrell Lea trying to fool customers with purple packaging?

In April 2008, Darrell Lea won a five-year legal battle brought by rival chocolate company Cadbury over Darrell Lea's use of the colour purple on its packaging (which Cadbury uses for its Dairy Milk range packaging), when the Australian judge ruled that Darrell Lea was not trying to fool customers by adopting the shade. [5] [6]

What is Darrell Lea liquorice?

Darrell Lea liquorice is the number one soft eating liquorice in the world. With its soft, chewy texture, our liquorice is a family favorite.

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