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Frequently Asked Questions

Who started Crazy John's?

Crazy John's was a mobile phone retail chain in Australia started by Turkish Australian businessman John Ilhan. [2] Crazy John's was the largest independent phone retailer in Australia, employing more than 400 people with more than 600 retail stores.

Where can I get grilled chicken at Crazy John's?

At Crazy John's, you can find a variety of cuisine such as Grilled Chicken, Ham & Cheese Sub, Pepper Cheesesteak Sub, Caesar Wrap, and Cheese Turkey. We are conveniently located East Baltimore Street. Order online for carryout or delivery!

What happened to Crazy John's mobile phones?

Crazy John's came to prominence when it was the first company in Australia to offer $1 mobile phones. [2] [5] Following the death of the company's founder John Ilhan in 2007, his wife sold her 75% share of the company to Vodafone in September 2008. Approximately 200 staff became redundant.

Did crazy John's pay back $21 million?

Crazy John's paid the $21 million, and immediately filed suit to demand it be refunded. Crazy John's claimed that Telstra's accounting system, MICA (Mobile Integrated Customer Accounts), used to bill its 8 million subscribers, was not able to provide the information required to produce an accurate bill and, therefore, support their payback demand.

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