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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Country Energy?

Since its establishment in 2001 and until 28 February 2011, Country Energy was owned by the Government of New South Wales. [2] On 1 July 2001 Country Energy was formed by the merger of New South Wales rural-based energy retailers, Great Southern Energy, Advance Energy and Northpower - all statutory owned by the Government of New South Wales. [3]

What happened to Country Energy?

In October 2010, Country Energy sold its natural gas network to Envestra Limited for A$ 108.6 million, which includes 65 kilometres (40 mi) of transmission and 1,160 kilometres (720 mi) of distribution pipelines. On 15 December 2010, the New South Wales Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, announced that the retail division of Country Energy...

Which country consumes the most energy?

For comparison, China had the highest overall energy consumption in the world, but also the highest population, resulting in a comparatively minuscule average energy use of 28,072 kWh per person per year. There also exist nations that consume very little energy.

Which countries have low energy consumption?

Other nations with low energy consumption include: 1 Niue 2 Saint Helena, 3 Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 4 Falkland Islands 5 Montserrat 6 Nauru 7 Kiribati 8 Guinea-Bissau 9 Cook Islands 10 Comoros 11 Saint Pierre and Miquelon More ...

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