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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chemeq and how to use it?

chemeq is a basic standalone filter written in C language, flex and bison. It inputs strings like: and can outputs LaTeX code, many useful messages and much more. It aims to be embedded in educational applications. chemeq used inside a WIMS server to implement simple exercises.

Is Chemeq a publicly listed company?

Chemeq was a publicly listed company which was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 25 August 1998. Chemeq was founded by Dr Graham Melrose in 1989 after he developed a new type of antimicrobial polymer. This polymer can replace antibiotics in the control of disease in commercial animal populations.

What happened to Chemeq?

Chemeq was sued in the Supreme Court of Western Australia by investors claiming that the company had breached the terms of the investment contract. The court found against the company and ordered it to repay the $60 million it sought. Liquidators were called in when Chemeq's appeal against the decision was dismissed.

Did Dr Melrose recover money from Chemeq?

The Reece press release noted Dr Melrose had retired two years before Chemeq's collapse and that he had no executive role in the dispute with the company's financiers. It also said he did not recover any cash from his equity holding in the company.

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