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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cbus?

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Where can I find C-bus interface specifications?

C-Bus interface specifications are available through the C-Bus Enabled Program, however it is necessary to agree to a license agreement. C-Bus as a home automation and commercial building lighting control system is used primarily in Australia, China and New Zealand [citation needed].

What protocols are compatible with C-Bus?

C-Bus is compatible with Translink C-Bus Gateway, OPC, DALI, DSI, BACnet, TCP/IP, Control4,Crestron, AMX, RTI, LonWorks, ModBus, Charmed Quark Controller, the Comfort Intelligent Home System and some other protocols through interfaces.

How many units can be installed on a C-bus network?

Up to 100 units can be installed on a C-Bus network and this can also be extended using Network Bridges. The maximum number of C-Bus networks in one installation is 255 (note that this limitation does not apply if a C-Bus Ethernet Interface is utilised, the system size is then limited to IP Addressing only).

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