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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find media related to Burns Philp?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Burns Philp. Hoskin, John E. (2018). "Burns Philip". Flotilla-Australia. Retrieved 3 April 2019. Wylie, Ron (Steve).

Who are Burns Philp&Co Pty Ltd?

All Radio Shows… Quick Links Stocks Currencies Commodities Rates & Bonds Sectors Watchlist Recently Viewed Companies Burns Philp & Co Pty Ltd Burns, Philp & Company Limited manufactures, markets and distributes food ingredients and consumer branded food products like bakery yeast, herbs, spices and bakery ingredients.

Does Burns Philp still own QBE?

Burns, Philp was to retain its stake in QBE into the early 1990s. Through the first half of the 20th century, Burns, Philp grew into one of Australia's leading corporations, listing on the Australian Stock Exchange where it became a blue-chip mainstay. Through the 1960s, the company's strategy was characterized as conservative.

Why did James Burns and Robert Philp enter the slave trade?

When the well-populated islands around New Guinea were targeted for blackbirding in the 1880s, a new rush for labour from these islands began. James Burns and Robert Philp purchased several well-known blackbirding ships to quickly exploit the human resource in this region, and Burns Philp entered the slave trade.

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