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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Boost Juice Bars?

Boost Juice. Boost Juice Bars is an Australian retail outlet that specialise in selling fruit juice and smoothies. Boost Juice Bars was formed in 2000 with the first store located in Adelaide, South Australia. The company has expanded internationally with stores in Asia, Europe, South Africa, India, and the United Kingdom through franchising .

How many Boost Juice Bars are there in Australia?

In 2007, Boost Juice Bars attempted to acquire the Canadian juice bar company Booster Juice, which would have led to the company being floated on the stock market, though this was unsuccessful. As of June 2017, Boost Juice has 270 stores in Australia with another 197 stores worldwide for a total of 467 stores.

Does Boost Juice Bars Singapore take responsibility for incorrect birth dates?

Boost Juice Bars Singapore do not take responsibility for incorrect birth dates entered during registration process. No fees will be charged by Boost Juice Bars Singapore for the issue, registration, activation or use of the VIBE Card.

What happened to Boost Juice?

Between 2009 and 2012, a Boost Juice store operated in China, but it was plagued by problems—the store opening was delayed, the shop-fit was average and the product was not as good as expected. [10] In 2010, Riverside Company bought a 65% stake in the Boost Investment Group, paying around $65 million for the share. [11]

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