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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shop at Ausway?

Welcome to Ausway, where you will find crazy deals & everyday discounts on the top selection of today's online products! As one of the largest Australian online department stores, we're 100% Australian owned and operated. By shopping with us, you can save anywhere from 30%-80% off retail price. You name it, we've got it!

What is a Ausway map?

Ausway is an Australian cartography and publishing company that produces comprehensive street directories and maps. In addition to its directories, Ausway also produces laminated, folded and rolled maps of varying sizes and formats, 200dpi digital map images, and index data.

Why choose austway Express?

At Austway, we manage this entire process in a transparent manner. Our unique technology enables you to see what is happening every step of the way, so you can remain confident that your customers will have an excellent service epxerience from start to finish. Austway Express has really helped our company to reduce our shipping costs.

What is the EWAY?

The eway is an electronic copy of the Melway, Brisway, Sydway and Melway Perth street directories. It includes the ability to print out maps, calculate distances and quickly search for locations. It is only available for Microsoft Windows, and is currently being updated in sync with the printed books.

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