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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Australian Ethical invest?

Since inception in 1986, Australian Ethical has invested according to its Ethical Charter. The Charter not only guides all investments but also underpins all elements of the business. For example, 10% of Australian Ethical's profits (after tax and before bonuses) funds its Community Grants program.

What are the best ethical investment options?

There are also a number of managed funds that give investors exposure to ethical investment options. Some of the fund managers with a range of ethical products include AMP, Australian Ethical, Mercer, Pendal, Pengana, U Ethical and Vanguard.

Is Australian Ethical a good super fund?

Australian Ethical has $3.42 billion in funds under management and over 43,079 superannuation members, at 30 Jun 2019. The company's flagship Australian Shares Fund has outperformed the average large-cap fund over the medium to long term. In 2018 Australian Ethical was the fastest growing super fund by member growth in Australia over five years.

What are the factors to consider when investing ethically?

If you would like to dip your toe into the world of ethical investing, here is a look at some of the factors to consider. Banking Loans Home Loans Car Loans Personal Loans Margin Loans Account & Transfers Savings Accounts Transaction Accounts Term Deposits International Money Transfers Credit Card Products Credit Cards

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