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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian Defence Industry?

Australian defence industry consists of businesses with an Australian Business Number who are providing or have the capacity to provide defence-specific or dual-use goods or services in a supply chain that leads to the Australian Department of Defence or an international Defence force.

How many Australians are in the Defence Force?

Defence’s total permanent workforce is scheduled to increase to over 101,000 by 2040 with Australian Defence Force personnel numbers growing by about thirty percent to almost 80,000. Australian Department of Defence – 2020 Defence Strategic Update,

Is Adi the only defence contractor in Australia?

In previous years, ADI was the sole defence contractor in Australia, although this changed with the creation of the Tenix Group company, Tenix Defence . ADI was based on Garden Island Naval Base in Sydney, though they also maintained a R&D/Custom production facility in Brisbane.

Why is Australia investing $270 billion in defence?

In response to rapid changes in the global strategic environment, the Australian Government is investing a historic $270 billion in Defence spending through the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and Force Structure Plans. This is an unprecedented amount of investment.

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