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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alinta Energy?

Formally known as Alinta, Alinta Energy is a leading Australian energy generator and retailer with an owned and contracted generation portfolio of around 2,000 MW and over 800,000 combined electricity and gas retail customers in Australia.

What happened to Alinta Gas?

The successor to the retail gas business is now called Alinta Energy. In January 1995, the vertical monopolist energy supplier, the State Energy Commission of Western Australia, was dis-aggregated into separate gas and electricity corporations, leading to the formation of AlintaGas.

How do I Manage my Alinta Energy account?

Alinta Energy offers online account management for all Alinta Energy customers. With Alinta Energy My Account, you can manage and pay your bills online, sign up for direct debit and automatic bill payments, and review and manage your energy usage to better reduce your electricity and gas consumption.

Which Alinta Energy Gas plans are available in Western Australia?

Alinta Energy only retails gas in Western Australia and offers three gas plans for residents in the state. Alinta Energy Fair Go 35 gives customers the biggest discount available, 35% off their gas usage charges for one year, while Fair Go 25 offers a 25% discount off their usage charge for three years so you can set and forget your gas plan.

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