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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aerosonde?

Founded in 1995, Aerosonde Pty Ltd designs, manufactures and services a range of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) of the same name. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company’s employees are experienced in all facets of unmann ed aviation — providing a single resource for customers seeking either systems or operational services.

What is the AAI Aerosonde?

The AAI Aerosonde is a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to collect weather data, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and wind measurements over oceans and remote areas. The Aerosonde was developed by Insitu, and is now manufactured by Aerosonde Ltd, which is a strategic business of AAI Corporation.

What certifications does Aerosonde have?

Aerosonde and its aircraft operators have received airworthiness certification by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the first certification program of its kind in the world. Aerosonde also has received numerous certificates of authorization (COAs) and waivers.

What is included in the Aerosonde UAS kit?

As with most UAV systems, the Aerosonde UAS is delivered in a complete "kit" which includes three Aerosonde UAS aircraft (with associated surveillance payloads for each), the launch/recovery trailer system and Ground Control Station.

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