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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Ace Radio channels?

▸AceRadio - The Hitz Channel ▸AceRadio - The Super Rock Mix ▸AceRadio - Country Gold ▸AceRadio - Classic R&B ▸AceRadio - Country Mix

What channels does aceradio have?

▸AceRadio - Glee Radio ▸AceRadio - Alternative Radio ▸AceRadio - The Mix Channel ▸AceRadio - The Soft Hits Channel ▸AceRadio - The Smooth Jazz Channel ▸AceRadio - The Classic Rock Channel ▸AceRadio - The Hard Rock Channel

What happened to Ace Radio?

In August 2017, it was announced that ACE Radio would acquire 2QN and Edge FM Deniliquin, New South Wales from Rich Rivers Radio, and 3NE and Edge FM Wangaratta, Victoria from North East Broadcasters. In June 2018, ACE Radio ceased operation of the Radio Training Institute.

How many Ace Radio stations are there in Australia?

ACE Radio broadcasts through 21 stations across the East Coast of Australia. Each have a strong commitment to local and national news and sport, and are heavily involved in supporting their respective communities. The ACE Radio Markets have a combined population of 11,000,000+. That’s over four million listeners across Victoria and Southern NSW.

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