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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ABB Grain Ltd?

ABB Grain Ltd are a company based in Adelaide in the Australian state of South Australia. Their main business areas are grains and legumes. ABB Grain Ltd have 100 members of staff, and have achieved revenues of AU$769,047,000. of which export revenues have accounted for AU$628,000,000.

What does ABB do for a living?

For most of its history, the company focused solely on grain accumulation and marketing, but it eventually expanded its focus to other activities, such as grain receival and storage, malting and fertilisers. ABB bought grain from all growing regions in Australia and traded in all grain commodities.

What happened to ABB Grain Handling?

In 2004, ABB merged with the South Australian storage and handling company AusBulk and the holding company United Grower Holdings. This brought the control of the two major grain handlers, along with several of AusBulk's divisions.

What does ABABB grain do?

ABB Grain was Australia's largest agribusiness. Founded in 1939, the company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange until its takeover by Viterra in 2009.

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